New Parts

Discover the Original Cat® Parts we have at your disposal. In a warehouse of about 900m2, we have all the parts stored in the best conditions and with the most advanced and modern technology. We have thousands of parts at your disposal, with high-quality control and stored according to the needs of our customers.

Original Cat® Parts are designed together with their machines and engines, guaranteed and always technically updated. To represent the best choice for a machine or an engine always in full efficiency. Our After Sales Department is connected to the Caterpillar Worldwide Logistics Network, which allows us to order orders from our customers as soon as possible.

Remanufatured Parts

Caterpillar’s remanufacturing program is based on an exchange system in which Customers return a used component in exchange for our remanufactured products. In the course of the reconstruction process, Caterpillar® completely remakes the used component.

So when, for example, you replace an engine or one of its components with Cat® Remanufactured Parts, you are getting something with specifications identical to those of new parts or components in terms of operation, performance, mechanical reliability, ease of service and maintenance.

So where’s the difference? In price, since even the warranty is the same. It manages to obtain parts between 40% to 60% of the price of new parts obtaining the same performance and productivity as the machines.

With a remanufacturing program, our Customers can maximize the embedded value of their equipment:

  • Ensuring maximum productivity
  • Increasing equipment reliability and uptime
  • Obtaining a warranty similar to a new product
  • Increasing the return on the investment made by the Customer
  • Providing the Customer with a variety of repair options to meet their service needs
  • Providing lower total cost of ownership and lower operating lifecycle costs
  • Preserving most of the energy and materials needed to manufacture the original machine or component


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